testing this out with post-title permalinks but i’m p sure it still hates title-less posts (which is, yanno, fair)

really loving how all the tumblr cross-post plugins are old and busted, and no desktop blog editors for wordpress support tumblr publishing (except for like two that are mac only)

i’m. tired.

on a fundamental level i am aware that this is probably a very silly way of doing things (versus putting a blog into my main website, somewhere sensible)

but i would still very much prefer to have a distinct space for word vomit, and i feel a vague and nonsensical desire to keep my main site ‘professional’ in some illusory way 1

at least i managed to get footnotes working 2

hnnnn still no luck figuring out a good tumblr cross-poster and trying to set a featured image seems to bork the whole thing

(possibly this is a pterotype issue since it seemed to work okay before that)

but whatever WHATEVER it seems to work for right now so fuck it

if my local tumblr import ever finishes i’ll see if i can archive it right here in the same place, otherwise i’ll keep working on importing the scraped backup into grav as a frozen-in-time archive

(i could theoretically keep posting with grav but it super duper does not like having a whole lot of posts lmao)

oh shit is this actually working??

an cat

how did this get here i am not good with computers